Blind Faith

Self Help To Recover Your Personal Power

Blind faith could be interpreted as following someone or something without question and believing we are doing what is best.

Faith is a force; it has energy – it is our personal power.

When you place faith in anything, you are investing your personal power – your energy.   

Do you really think it’s wise to blindly follow anyone or anything without question? Well guess what – you do without even being aware.

You see, we all have “beliefs” about who we are. These beliefs are merely ideas we have about ourselves and others which we have accepted as true.

When we agree with any conceptual idea and accept it to be true, we put our faith in that idea.

Therefore, in reality you regularly practice blind faith by following your current beliefs without questioning whether they are self-limiting, negative or out-dated concepts and ideas about yourself or others.

I struggled most of my life with business and relationship failures. I was blindly putting my faith in the belief I would never be successful in either. I did this unconsciously, without any control over my outcomes.

I had all these imagined ideas and images of who I thought I was, who I imagined I should be, what I was capable or incapable of accomplishing and how I always needed a backup plan because I knew something would go wrong.

After so many failures in life I became a skeptic. Now at first, I thought this was just another problem. Then I discovered that being skeptical is actually healthy. Understand that skepticism is not the same as doubt.

With doubt, you are actually putting your faith in the belief that something negative will happen. When skeptical, you are holding your faith in reserve and investing it in neither a hopeful nor a doubtful belief.

Where Do You Invest Your Faith?

Are you putting your faith in a self-limiting “life story” consisting of old, negative beliefs?

Do you put faith in fears such as:

  • I am not good enough.
  • I don’t have enough education.
  • The economy is bad and I might lose my job, car or house.
  • Life is tough?
  • What will I do if my mate leaves me?
This list goes on and on for most of us. All of it lies - based on concepts or ideas you accepted as true - making these lies part of your belief system.

This is where blind faith robs us of personal power, drains our energy and keeps our attention away from beliefs that are worthwhile.

Discovering Your Blind Faith

Faith is an intangible; you can’t see it by “thinking” about where you are investing your personal power. The ego mind will always steer you in the wrong direction.

However, you can easily discover your blind faith by looking at your emotions (how you feel), the words you use and the mental conversations that repeat in your mind.

What you believe is responsible for producing your emotions. A stronger belief (faith) in anything produces a more profound emotion.

Your beliefs are based on your “perception” of reality. In other words, you have an imagined concept of how you believe things should be. This doesn’t make your beliefs right or wrong, but rather just “your beliefs”.

To put this into perspective, let’s assume a friend talks about you in your absence and you hear about this second hand. Based on your mental imagery (perception) of how you think friends should behave, you will have either a negative or positive emotional reaction.

If you put faith in the image of a friend betraying you the emotional reaction will be negative – or if you believe friends are loyal you could have a positive emotional response.

Hopefully, you can see from this example your faith in a specific belief causes you to have either a negative or positive emotion.

Learning to look at your emotions, you can discover the blind faith you place in negative beliefs.

Blind Faith & Recovering Your Personal Power:

A truth remains true, whether we put our faith in or not. For example, the sun will rise tomorrow whether we believe it or not.

However, take your faith away from a non-truth (a conceptual idea) and it dissolves. Conceptual ideas need faith to survive. They feed off our energy – our personal power.

You can recover personal power by stripping your faith away from the conceptual ideas you learned to believe in. We act on what we believe.

We can change what we believe by how we choose to invest our faith.

We put ourselves through a great deal of emotional pain simply because we refuse to let go of perceived images we have about our lives and how we imagine things should be - our future.

We keep our faith focused on this imagined reality which exists only in our minds.

Isn’t it time for you to begin dismantling your old, negative beliefs and begin to take back your personal power?

If you answered yes, then I suggest you check out The Work of Byron Katie. Like me, Katie provides her work free. You will learn a simple process to identify and question your old beliefs. You can download "The Work" at no cost.

Notable Quote:

"Faith is confirmed by the heart,
confessed by the tongue,
and acted upon by the body."

~Sufi Proverb~