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Below I have posted a few of the unsolicited testimonials received regarding my Free Self Help Tutorial.

Hopefully the positive feedback I receive from others will inspire you to make positive changes and eliminate the self-limiting belief patterns sabotaging your success in life.

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April 5, 2012 - Transcendit

Thank you for the download and for all you do to help others and make this world brighter!

I've already read some of your wonderful website articles which are helping me to actually begin moving more away from ego/negative emotion/past into the spiritual light of the now. It's taken a while and I need to do more inner work, yet the turning point has finally come!

The I-net service that you're providing, especially during these crazy times and economy, is invaluable beyond words--that's what it's all about, being of service and helping one another--thank you again!

Best always!

December 8, 2011 - Paula

Hello Gene,

First of all, let me thank you deeply, for creating this website and sharing all this information with us. I am sure I am one of the many people you will be able to help with it.

I find a lot of the information you shared fascinating and already have a greater understanding of how it all works, essential insights for change.

December 7, 2011 - Stephen

Hi Gene. My whole life I have always seen the world differently than others. However, after many years of deep struggle I finally started putting everything together.

I had epiphanies and self-discoveries that fed me models about how the brain works. It's cool to see a lot of similar things on your website. I have discovered (through my own brain) some cool things that I believe go far beyond what is already out there.

We have not even scratched the surface on the brain's potential. Anyways, kudos on a great site!!

November 24, 2011 - Ruslan

Thank you!

The stuff you put here is mind blowing - really helped me to understand why I experience fear when leaving a job and starting my own business!

October 24, 2011 - Infinite

One can feel the effort and emotion you have put into all those things you have mentioned on the website, they are coming from you tried, tested and applied by you.

It feels now like I am really really getting there. I hope you will be there all through on my journey of finding that new self which is positive, forward looking, open to life and self actuating.

Thanks Gene.

September 29, 2011 - Christina

I just wanted to thank you so much for this website. It is a real blessing.

I appreciate all of the information that you offer here and I believe that I was directed to your site by God, the law of attraction, faith.

I'm sure you have touched and blessed many souls and lives by offering this information and in such detail. You have a gift.

Again thank you.

Many many blessings to you.

September 24, 2011 - Norma

Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness in providing this information free of charge to everyone! I really appreciate the information and the chance to learn and grow.

September 7, 2011 - Mary

Funny thing happened on the way to looking at short term memory!

What a wealth of information in one place. All corners covered and helping me make connections to the different paths of my 82 years.

Truly heartfelt thanks --

Mary sent me the following additional comments on September 8th after I sent her a thank you note:

Hi Gene,
Thanks for the note. I had skipped your "home" page or maybe it skipped me on the Googling -- but I was interested to see that my son is your age -- and I am sure he is loaded with my negative inheritance.

He has had the same feelings -- talk a good game of optimism and wonder what happened. I will share your site with him.

I started this journey with younger than I friends and it always felt like I was born too soon --- from beginning Yoga in the late 70's to you name it -- I probably " bought the book". Sound familiar?? Dyer, Katie, Abraham with Krishnamurti, Thich Naht Han and the rest. Whew. Joy and self acceptance still missing.

But just recently I back tracked into the Chopra Center. Offering a free meditation challenge I thought this was it--I am done if I ______ Well 21 days and I feel really good.

And in perfect timing I stumbled upon your site==I started to read and kept going and going and going --- it gave me good news and a way to review my life and with a sigh of relief.

I can now say "as taught." Every decision I make is a choice between a grievance or a miracle. I relinquish all regrets,grievances and resentments and choose the "miracle"

And I am beginning to feel the joy. I can not thank you enough. To coin a phrase "that's good work"

Mary Anne

August 14, 2011 - VNA

Hey Gene,

I'm so glad to have found this website. Just finished reading it and I already feel better.

You are really a kind and generous person for providing such an important resource for free. I was actually procrastinating to write this msg. tomorrow or some other day....but had to start implementing things I have learned from your articles.

So here I am expressing gratitude to you for helping me learn so much; which has already made me a better person and I thank the universe as well for leading me to this website out of innumerable websites....thank you!

August 5, 2011 - Giovanni

Dear Gene, what an amazing,interesting and great site you've put together. I've never knew or heard about quantum physics awareness. It is totally new to me. However, your site gave me a very good idea of what it consists of and it's dynamics.

I am very much enthused and exited by what I read. I feel like this new information "awareness" may change my life...

God bless you on all that you do and are.

July 22, 2011 - Nurullah

With due respect, I thank you for providing such Self Help Tutorial which is absolutely helpful to the people who are need of self help material to be get rid of negative attitude.

Your work is very praiseworthy and I appreciate you for this sort of human serving production.

Best Regard

June 15, 2011 - Cheryl

Wow! Thank you Gene.

I am overwhelmed by your generosity. The universe brought me to your website and I am hooked (spending years searching for new spiritual paths and trying to find the best way to live, I know a gem when I find one).

Your kindness is overflowing and I have been asking myself deeply, What do I want? and helping people with my song delivered in the form of writing is the goal/life purpose that I struggle to commit to and get past the procrastination.

I do believe by step 6 I will be most enlightened. Thank you for listening.

June 9, 2011 - Bethany

I want to thank you for your inspirational writings. I have been adrift for many years and have only just got back onto the path to regain balance and harmony and can't believe how much sense your words make and how uncanny it was that I found you - of course the Universe knew where to lead me!

So thank you for taking the time and sending the energy and letting us share your wisdom. I am most definitely putting it into practice and can feel my vibrations beginning to lift.

I would love to be a Healer and having put it out there I know its going to work - this is something I would not have had the courage to do before I read your message. Things are absolutely happening and changing for me in such a positive way I just had to let you know.

The joy I feel in being able to trust and believe in the Power of the Universal Energy is beginning to affect people around me as well and so the energy shift is getting stronger as you explained it would do.

So thank you a million times for making it plain and simple to understand and for making it free!

Salaam Namaste

With love,


May 17, 2011 - Rhonda

I just want to thank you for creating a website that provided me the answer I needed today. To forgive.

April 14, 2011 - Larry

First of all Gene let me thank you for making this wonderful Self Help Tutorial available at no Cost.

It is truly a God send for many of us who are searching for a way to move toward a successful and happy life.

I, like yourself have struggled to find a way to live on purpose and successfully only to fail time and time again, even after buying and studying loads of self help literature, books and programs.(over 40 years)

After being introduced to your site by a friend of mine who is a motivational speaker, I completed the whole tutorial excitedly...

March 14, 2011 - Barbara

I absolutely love this site.

I am a motivational speaker and a life long learner. I have to say this is one of the best sites I've ever visited.

I can't believe you're giving away so much value. Wow!

Barbara Talley

October 10, 2010 - Karen

An absolutely brilliant site Gene, and no charge to access these informative articles.

Your a true ANGEL, you have any idea how many people will benefit from your generosity, time and effort? So thank you very much.

Many many blessings to you

October 01, 2010 - Jackie

Hi Gene,

I really just want to thank you so much for your free e-course which I enjoyed very much.

I have subscribed to other courses (free & paid) but I have to say yours was one of the best. I love your basic down to earth approach.

I probably knew all the information already but I have read that much etc. by now that your course brought me back to basics and helped me to remember how 'easy' it can be to change my life.

Once again thank you so much for your brilliant FREE(!!) course. God bless you.


August 26, 2010 - Monique

I'm in awe of how coherently you explain things on your website, it's clear and concise and with all the information out there yours is truly the first I've come across that puts it all in a nutshell. I'd be grateful if...

August 12, 2010 - Misha

I have noticed great improvement in my self and well being since beginning your tutorial.

I continue to improve each day and hope to do so for the remainder of my life.

I believe that your tutorial does a great job in everything from helping understand to helping improve on ourselves.

May 27, 2010 - Sajida

I simply love your website. I am so fascinated by the information you have provided.

I have had so many aha moments as I am going through the six steps.

May 26, 2010 - Saad

I'm from Pakistan. I truly love your steps and thankful to you. Not just me, all my friends are students of mind power and admire your work.

God bless u. Regards

May 14, 2010 - Craig

I am currently studying and practicing your methods of anger self-control and in my findings thus far my anger is minimal.

I am able to live a happy fulfilling life with my partner. Thank you for all your insight on situations such as mine.

April 30, 2010 - Jagdeep

It is an exemplary effort being made by u!!!!!!

April 24, 2010 - May

This site is very inspiring. Thanks a lot for making this world a better place . You are Godsend

March 17, 2010 - Chrystal

Gene! First, I want to tell you that I commend your efforts to help educate people on how to retrain their brain to be positive and self affirming.

While going through some personal struggles with personal development I had searched for a sight like yours that laid the information out in a way that I could use and understand.

So I plan on subscribing to your site.

I fell upon your site while researching how to monetize my blog! However, because I loved your site so much I have *wasted* my entire evening reading the whole thing!

I love it, and you have inspired me on a number of levels!

February 7, 2010 - Correy

Thank you for this web site. It has been very helpful and educational for me.

You have been an inspiration for helping me towards achieving and striving for my goals and dreams.

Best regards,

December 24, 2009 - Esther's Testimonial

Gene, I came across your website while doing research for some issues I'm grappling with. I suffer from severe depression, brought on by PMS/PMDD.

I can't tell you how your anger management techniques in particular have helped me to understand the anger that seems to pop up at these crucial times of the month.

The friends and co-workers I've alienated in the past...I now have some tools to keep myself in check until the feeling passes.

I will carry your words (literally!) at work and at home to help me cope.

Thank you,

Esther, I thank you for the testimonial and proof positive these self help techniques work - Gene

November 25, 2009 - Jenny

A huge thank you for this wealth of information. I ordered the meditation program which I'm really excited about and have started doing the releasing exercises.

I'm in one of the big upheaval periods but this information which I know is true inspires me to drop the negativity and do my best to be happy NOW!

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

November 24, 2009 - Kevin

Hey just wanted to say thanks 'cause this is the most detailed site that I have been too thus far and has the most information that other sites don't offer.


November 3, 2009 - Luciana

Thank you for YOUR PAT (on the back),

In the past I gave up this personal development issue many times, before my child was born. But since he was born I have not given up. It happened that I fell, but the option to give up does not exist.

AND LET ME SAY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN, it is thanks to you too. When I discovered your website, I told you I said to myself: "oh another guy like me, and HE MADE IT" so as could he, maybe I shall be able to.

I am so grateful to everything that I have met in my path. Sometimes when I watch backward, most of the things that looked a disaster .... turned to be a pivotal point that allowed a major change.

My kid is the motor that keeps me on track, God in His mercifulness is giving His gifts at full hands.

And may God always bless people like you who truly dedicate their time to others.


Luciana, I am always thankful when I get glowing testimonials from those who have discovered my website, digested the info. and took action. You deserve the credit. Good job!!! - Gene

July 18, 2009 - Greg

I have read many many books and articles over the years on self help and rarely have I found something as informative, well set out and heartfelt as I have in the tutorial that you have presented.

It is truly great work and I will be putting all your recommendations into practice.

I have had setbacks in the past due to my false subconscious beliefs about my potential and self worth, and I thank you so much for providing me with this invaluable information free of charge.

Warm Regards

June 19, 2009 - Ufaq

I would really thank you from the core of my heart to make me understand about the powers that lies within myself.

I was looking for sites that would tell me about subconscious mind in the most simplest language from many weeks. And yes finally my intuition got me here.

Your website is providing a great help to the people to make them achieve success.

I would expect more articles from you.

Thanking you once again.

May 6, 2009 - Tracie

Thank you very much for supplying the world and me with your information. I have gone through each step and am looking forward to seeing improvements in my life.

Thank you once again. It is the kick up the *** I have needed for too long.

November 29, 2008 - Gareth

I only found your website in the last 24 hours and I must say this is the most 'simple, yet brilliant' explanation about how our minds work ... I am gobsmacked at what you have written here.

I have paid for many services in the past and always felt like I was missing something to really get to the root of 'programming my mind'.

Your easy to read manner is superb!

Thank God (and you!) that I have found your site - I look forward to reading the rest of it .... I am still only half way through the steps but I just felt I had to drop you an email to express my thanks.


November 7, 2008 - Paul

Wonderful to find someone with the foresight to put this on the internet. I've been looking for 'the answers' in a lot of places for a good few years, all the time they were within me!!

I've read the first two steps and have opened my journal, I'm ready for the road a head now.

Your understanding of the human being is outstanding and humbling. I am a student therapeutic counselor and a good deal of what you believe is based in fact from research of other theories but to have it put together so clearly is a work of art.

Thank you for helping me to help others.

October 27, 2008 - Malkit

I am starting on this path of change which, for me started about a year ago. This has been extremely helpful for me. Thank you.

As I talk with others, I am certain your writing is helping millions.

I am thinking of starting some kind of free self-help group. With your blessing I would like to use your knowledge by way of handouts or directing people to your site.

Regardless of your answer, you have helped to save my life and I am compelled to share that with others.

Again, thank you.

October 27, 2008 - Terri

First, I would like to thank you for all the benefit I've received from your wonderful site. And I've recommended it to others, too.

I just wanted to share with you my own personal technique I use to release from emotionally charged people and situations. It's a variation of one you mentioned, but it resonates with me more. Clearly, I'm a product of the old sci-fi movies!

I picture the person (representing all the emotional baggage I have with him) outside my spaceship, on a tether - like when the astronauts do maintenance. Then the umbilicus is severed and I see the person slowly drift out into space and getting smaller and smaller, taking all my related negativity away. The image is much like in the old movies.

Now upon reading this back, I realize it may sound like I'm wishing the *person* would drift off into space, but, no, it's the release of the emotional baggage associated with the person that I'm severing.

Just wanted to share -- and to thank you guys! Thanks,

September 15, 2008 - Matthew

I just ran into your site searching the earthly akashic records here (internet) and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to bring this information into one area.

I look forward to looking over all the material here.

Thank you

August 7, 2008 - Arjun

I think this website is absolutely amazing! I watched "The Secret" dvd but still didn't really understand how thoughts create our reality.

Thank you, I can see my dreams becoming reality.

August 1, 2008 - Miguel

I have read the Self Help Tutorial; it´s a wonderful piece of art.

June 16, 2008 - Susan Blackburn, M.A.

Thank you, this website is an awesome resource.


June 8, 2008 - Nikky's testimonial

You're wonderful. You provide all this great stuff without forcing people to buy anything. You make your money by using advertisers so we can choose to go further if we want to.

You don't even make people sign up to an ezine before giving them this stuff. That's very generous.

Why are other self help writers all about making a lot of money out of sharing their knowledge? It's ok to make a living out of it, but why do some of them need millions?

You make the world a better place by helping people like this.

Thank you for your generosity and this very helpful knowledge of yours.

With love, Nikky

May 29, 2008 - Sharon's testimonial

I want to say a big thank you to you. Usually, I just read from websites, always afraid to give my email addy away....but I got so much from your site, I feel I can trust you completely.

You are simply great! Keep up the good work.

March 30, 2008 - Katie's testimonial

I just have to tell you that you have really touched me.

I have only just begun your tutorial. This has been the most easy way for me to understand the same principles that I have been reading and trying to understand for years. This I finally understand. The "light bulb" moment for me.

You have given me the answers I have been searching for. Thank You. So much.

January 30, 2008 - Alain

First and foremost Thanks ! Thank ! Thanks !

I have a great gratitude for your web site...Brilliant...It is what correspond exactly to what my philosophy (is)...work on your self from the inside out..!!!

Initiative like yours must be embraced and shouted to the world !! It is in perfect harmony with the principle of Asking Wayne Dyer's quotes from 101 ways to transform your life: HOW MAY I SERVE ?

Thanks again ! Hope to receive email from you soon !!

January 21, 2008 - Shyam

Finally I have found what I am looking for. Your site is priceless! You are giving it away for free and that's your great contribution towards humanity for which surely the universe will reward you abundantly.

I have seriously read tens of thousands of pages on self help topics, but never really found out the way to move forward. But your way of explaining makes it so easy to grasp the missing links...

Warm Regards - Shyam

January 6, 2008 - Elham's testimonial

This is the most noble act I have seen done in a very long time.

In an age when even the most "enlightened individuals" seek profit out of providing their insights to others, you have completely convinced me that angels do exist among us.

It was such a pleasure to read through these pages. I'm now certain that our intuitions are to be trusted at all times...and we do live in a magical world, we just have to remove the veil from our eyes.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and information. I will always say a special one for you when I'm in communication with the Dude!!

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2007 - Odessa's testimonial

I want to greet you a happy holidays and a promising new year to you and your family.

I am expressing a million thanks for your kind help. Your advice has helped me to cope up on my darkest days. I am doing fine now, I still keep my journals and in fact bought another notebook for this coming year. I am doing the EFT method and I was simply amazed on how it works. All I can say is I am full of hope now and I know that good things is going to happen to me.

Again, thank you...I will never forget your kindness....I hope you can help other people like me.

December 21, 2007 - Shekar's testimonial

My - where do I start?

First of all I would like to thank you so so so much.

Since April this year I have found your website and been making notes. I then made myself go back to it and finish where I left off. The information you have presented is absolutely wonderful and without it I probably would have gone on to think about life in the same way society still does.

What strikes me is you haven't charged for it. It's all free!

I am very grateful!

I really am happy about this website as I know it's going to make me become successful very soon now. But as person I would actually love to come and thank you in person. The website is simply too good and helpful!!

I have no idea where in the World you live but I think if I use the information on the tutorials I will come and find you!

I really can't thank you enough and look forward to meeting you soon!

All the Best - Shekar

Dec. 11, 2007 - Shanda's testimonial

I have thoroughly enjoyed your lessons! I have been compiling various forms of information to help me get through a rough period in my life and your site has by far been the most comprehensive!

Dec. 4, 2007 - Daniel's testimonial

I have to say this is the one of the best sites I have found when it comes to this subject. I'm very thankful; I have learned so much from this site of yours. Its so easy to read and understand.

Oct. 30, 2007 - Daniel's testimonial

This is a great website, I'm really glad I found it. There is so much interesting material to read. Thank you!

Oct. 17, 2007 - Bongiwe's testimonial

I am practicing gratitude. Thank you for this brilliant website. For months I have felt as if something is missing from my life. I could not pin point what it was exactly but I knew there was more to me than the functioning day to day individual I had become.

When I stumbled across your website, actually when I attracted your website into my life, I realized I was the missing link in my life and nothing of this world could ever give me myself.

I live in South Africa and am deeply inspired by what I have learnt; most importantly that I am in charge of my life and I am accountable for the decisions I choose to make.

I am in my third year of University studying towards an English and Communications degree and believe that these fundamental basics of life are missing in a large majority of people's lives. Being in Africa I am fortunate to have access to the internet, however millions of others are not privileged enough to have access to this information.

I have made a decision that it is now my duty to spread this knowledge of self worth, appreciation and inner dialogue.

Thank you once again and may God Bless you in all that you do. They say the best things in life are free, you have taught a young South African woman the true meaning of that philosophy. Once again thank you.

Sept. 22, 2007 - Isa's testimonial

I must just start off by saying that your site basically just kicked my ass into a serious "behavior modification program".

Sept. 10, 2007 - Shannon's testimonial

I stumbled onto your site by providence (not accident) and I'd like to express my gratitude for your work. I have been practicing your methods for a week now and I can already see MANY positive results!

Your program to help re-program my brain has been a blessing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know that it must have taken you many, many years to put this manual together and a lot hard work as well, and to not ask for money in return is truly a blessing to me.

However if there is anything I can do to return the wonderful favor you've given me please let me know.

Sept. 6, 2007 - Angela's testimonial

Thank you for giving me free information I have been searching for. I will be telling others about this site, which is the best one on self help that I have come across. Thank you once again.

Aug. 20, 2007 - Gordon's testimonial

I've been searching for you for the last 15 years, thanks so much for your wonderful info. God bless you Gene. Keep on keeping on, My Best wishes,

Aug. 1, 2007 - Lori's testimonial

I just want to say Thank You.

A person with your great spirit to offer this to any person that wants to educate their mind and emotions. I am 20 years old, and I recently met this guy who has introduced me to so many things about the government, human emotions and how we can control them. It sometimes irritates me that no one really pays attention to things like this. Even young adults, they have no idea what we, as humans really are. I'm barely on step three right now, but I just think this site is amazing!

July 26, 2007 - Ahmed's testimonial

Thank you very much for your very useful articles concerning the subconscious mind and its roots with genetic science; please let me know more about related issues in the same aspect.

Jul 25, 2007 - Vinod's testimonial

First of all I want to congratulate and thank you very much for the time and effort you have put for this content on this website. I was wondering...
Kind Regards and Thank you

July 21, 2007 - Joshua's testimonial

I'm sure you must hear this all the time.. just to say, great site, great information.

I think it is a combination of scientific brain research, your developmental experience as a child combined with the laws of manifestation etc. that really help overcome success blocks.

Thanks and Regards.

July 14, 2007 - Ulf's testimonial

I would just like to thank you for creating your site; a wonderful and comprehensive guide that does a really good work in pointing people in useful and good directions!

July 11, 2007 - Alex's testimonial

My name is Alex, and I'm a 26 year old man living in Montreal, Canada. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful and magical website you created, which has been ENORMOUSLY helpful to me. I cannot thank you enough!

July 8, 2007 - Angela's testimonial

Just wanted to say how absolutely wonderful your self-help site is. It is full of valuable information and easily understood in plain down to earth language. I am an up an coming Life Coach still in the learning stages and I am finding so much value from what you write.

Thank you so much for being so generous with what you have made available. I am truly grateful.

May 21, 2007 - Luck's testimonial

Thank you very much for your tips on personal self growth. It is very useful and effective.

May 13, 2007 - Marti's testimonial

Great site - I am reading every word. I mostly appreciate the information without hype style. Most of this stuff is very off-putting because of the 'hype".

April 21, 2007 - Jerry's testimonial

I found your website and it is pretty cool. I judge myself pretty bad and am in therapy for it.

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