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I am pleased to provide you with these links to other sites which might interest you.

My belief is we should never stop learning, growing and changing. As such, there isn’t "one" source able to provide all the knowledge we could be searching to find.

Sometimes, it is also wise to look at information from a different perspective or to reinforce knowledge already absorbed.

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My Top Pick

Quantum Mind Power  The ultimate brainwave entrainment audios. The Isochronic tones are reported to be up to 900 times stronger than binaural beats. I use these audios and highly recommend them.

Coaches and Mentors:

Alternative Online Counseling    Your relationship with others is based on your relationship with yourself. Our services remove what holds you back in your personal and spiritual growth. Get the help you need, right here, right now.

Emotions & Emotional Cleansing:

Stress Disorder  Are you stressed out about stress? Wondering where you can find out more? Then this site is going to be a good read. From the definition of stress, to how to control it, our articles will give you a systematic break down of information. The easy-to-read articles also delve into stress treatments and Hypnosis.

Emotions | Types of emotions and Managing emotions  Emotions are the most important aspect of our mental health. Information about types of emotions, managing emotions, books, articles, quotes and more...

Be Happy - Self Help & Personal Growth
Find hundreds of free resources to develop a happiness lifestyle by practicing happiness & love every day through personal growth, self improvement & self help tools, activities, resources, insights, & inspiration to change your life.

Happiness and Success Tips  Self improvement and productivity tips for a happy and successful life.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Self Help Program
Dr Jeannette Kavanagh's downloadable kit offers all the proven ways to counter stress and overcome anxiety and panic attacks. E-book and two audios.


Learn Hypnosis Online - Free Audio Training Course!

Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days with our free audio hypnosis training course and our free monthly newsletter 'Inspired Minds'. In Inspired Minds, you will get information on hypnosis, and our free 'Audio Insights' - mp3 downloads on hypnosis and psychology that will open your eyes about human behavior and the way our minds work.

I trust you have found the above links both useful and interesting.

Go to Free Self Help Tutorial Introduction 

Gene Anger, my partner on this site, really knows Self Help. He wrote this Self Help Workshop after studing self help for over 30 years now.  I am truly honored to be working with him here. He knows this growth mindset far deeper than I... but I am quickly catching up. Please Please take this opportunity to use your brain as it was meant to empower your bring peace, contentment, focus and life into perspective again!

Thank You Gene for sharing with the WORLD!  Wendy